Reality into Unreality. Then vise versa

Turn your reality into unreality and your unreality into reality because nothing is impossible and everything is promised, especially when Jesus is the center of your life. -LeQuita C. Harrison

Our minds are a great part of our bodies. It holds everything. Who we are as a person. How we feel. What we despise. And what we desire. If we use it for the right things and for the right reasons we will be able to make wise decisions as well as fall vulnerable into our imagination.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming and there is nothing wrong with day dreaming. Go ahead and picture yourself in your own movie or hiking in the mountains. Though life may kick us sometimes and we see our goals and dreams may not come true, hit yourself and say no. By the power of Jesus Christ, I am still alive, well, with a peace of mind and spirit, I will do that one day.

Only if you keep your dreams, your goals, and your desires before the Lord, you will be surprised! God blesses us in many ways. He gives to us what we need and not what we want. This may sound weird or defeat the entire purpose of this message, but really it does not. God may set you down a different path that will be ten times better than your dream. You may not see it, you may get disappointed, but stop and really take a look at your life. Are you happy? Are you satisfied? What are you gaining from where you are right now? You never know that one thing may indeed be your ticket to what you’ve been dreaming of since you were twenty or ten years old.

When it comes to God never give up. Jesus didn’t give up on us when he took those beatings and was nailed and died on the cross. No. He kept going because he knew something better was his reward and that was saving us and being evermore exalted.

So go head and think about it. Inhale and exhale and go on with your life. Smile. Greet people (even the grumpy and ignorant ones) with a smile and remember, dream big, mope less.

-From LCH


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