May God Have Mercy on America!

(this is the words and opinions of LCH)

I’m starting to become distraught with America. We are American citizens! Stop treating us unfairly and taking advantage of us! Stop worrying and meddling in unnecessary things and filling your overloaded pockets with our good hard earned cash! Stop looking down on us as if our voice does not matter.

Start doing something about our children’s education, the homeless, those who need a break to catch up and pay these outrageous bills, and put Jesus back in our lives. If you government officials really want to help or do something worth your votes and your supposedly high office position then walk amongst the true Americans and open your eyes and ears so we can return this country back to the people, back to freedom, and back to democracy.

Actions speak louder than words.

And right now I don’t trust any rich government officials. What this country need are new representatives who actually struggle struggled in life or actually want to help. I don’t know what these people are doing now. Raising taxes, making us pay to live with these stupid insurances, and so many other outrageous laws that aren’t helping Americans but putting us down, trying to prevent us from enjoying life like these insensitive rich folks do. I’m sorry but America is really working my nerves. I pray for America everyday but when a country forgets God, they are only building their own path to destruction.

Truly may God have mercy on America!

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