Know & ALWAYS Remember

Here is something you should know and always remember…

God is omniscient

God has all power

God has control over everything

God is the Creator of Heaven, Earth, Man, Beast, and Fowl

God can do whatever He wants to do

Whenever He wants to do it

How He wants to do it

And who He wants to do it to

He loves us so much, even in the midst of our sins,

That He gave us His only begotten Son

To shed his blood and die

Only to receive all power to rise himself from the dead

To save every living person on this Earth

By His blood, God’s holy blood

We can repent, be saved, and live again

No fear or wickedness shall strike us down

For in God we have the victory

Because God has the victory

He does not get the victory

God already has the victory

So it’s up to mankind to choose wisely whom they want to serve.

Because Jesus is coming back

He’s coming back for his righteous people

To God be the glory for the great things He has done!

-Written by LeQuita C. Harrison

-Remember Jesus

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