Take the Time to Pray

Praying. What do you know about it? What does God’s Word say about it?

Jesus told his disciples to always ask, seek, and knock for God will answer, so you will find what you seek, and God will open many doors just for you. He said he will ‘never leave us nor forsake us.’ Wherever we go in this dangerous merciless world, Jesus is always by our side. He knows our heart and wants the best for us, especially to be saved. 

When you’ve grasped hold onto your mustard seed of faith, have patience for your blessings are soon to come. When times seem to wear you down or there’s an obstacle in your way, find your secret place of peace and pray. Praying is an act of faith, an important piece of evidence Jesus uses on our behalf as our mediator to present to God. If what you ask, seek, or knock for is in God’s will, you will receive it. But in the meantime, continue to give God the thanks and the praise he deserves. 

If you do not know how to pray, here are some simple steps to do so. Mindful, God can hear you whether you speak it or think it, and where you are does not matter. Just remember to humble yourself and be at peace. Release your fears, your doubt, and your anxiety. God will answer. 

Steps to having a conversation with God. 

  1. A – Adoration – Give God, the Father, and Jesus, our Savior all the praise and the glory. 
  2. C – Confession – Confess all of your sins and seek forgiveness. (You do not need to go and see a priest. Jesus is our priest).
  3. T – Thanksgiving – Thank God for what blessings you have now. (Your Life, Health, and Strength or maybe even your job, family, love-one, food, just about anything that makes you happy or satisfied.)
  4. S- Supplication – After you’ve done the steps above, this is your time to ask, seek, and knock. Ask God for what you want. Tell God what you seek. And never cease from knocking (praying).
  5. In Jesus’ Name – Remember to end your prayer with the holiest of sayings, “In the Name of Jesus” because it is only through our Savior, our Mediator, our High Priest in which our prayers shall travel to the Almighty throne. 

So, do not give up. Jesus did not die on the cross to let you down now. He’s on your side. Take the time to pray and watch your blessings unfold. 

-God Bless You

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