Writing Is Fun… But It’s Tough

Right now, I am working on two major books despite everyone telling me to focus on one. 

However, I cannot help it. Being a writer, I find it comforting to have my imagination and flooding ideas written out. I always picture myself in the future, as a well-known writer with a few titles under her belt, but I know it is going to be a tough road to that goal. 

Best thing to do at this point is to take it slow and enjoy the ride. 

I find writing liberating. I could sit at my computer for hours, fingers tapping a mile a minute on the keyboard and mind spilling out its thoughts. It’s fun for me, but I will tell the honest truth. 

It is tough! Please let me know below if it’s the same for you or if you have any tips on making this writing journey easier. Thank you.

When I say tough, it’s not tough to the point I would like to give up. It’s more of a hassle writing and rewriting draft after draft and sometimes it still feels not right. I read books from time to time, and research articles on tips and advice on writing, but it is still tough. 

Yet I enjoy this tough! It produces a lot of challenges which I later overcome. And I feel great when I’ve accomplished finishing a chapter or a short story. But when I finish writing my two books-in-progress and I feel they are ready for publication, then I will have a party. 

Yes a party… or perhaps a very long vacation with my computer and laptop locked away out of reach. 

But through this journey, I will continue to trust in God. I know the big man on the throne is proud of me and wants me to keep writing. So, I will never give up. In the name of Jesus, I will get a book published and I will be satisfied. I hope…

Thank you for reading my thoughts on this matter. Please give any advice or tips you use to keep yourself motivated or organized in your writing journey.

-Sincerely LeQuita! 

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