Here are some common questions and answers for you. 

Who is the Designer?

The Designer is LeQuita Harrison who you may read about by clicking here.

How do you send your order?

Way 1: Fill out and submit the Order Form provided by Jotform

Way 2: Orders can be given over the phone; however, the payment is through Paypal, which would require customer to provide credit card information.

Is it possible to receive a full refund if I am not satisfied?

Unfortunately, no. Designify is a freelance graphic design service which means the design and the time of the Designer is very important. Full refunds can only be given within one week after Order Form and payment has been submitted. The great news about this, samples exchanges and revisions are unlimited. So the Designer will continue working on your order until you are satisfied. 

Are requests accepted?

Yes. You may send your request through Contact or by email LeQuitasDesigns@gmail.com. LeQuita will be in contact with you to receive more information about what you want. A price will be decided upon and the design process will follow the same process as any other product. See Your Benefits.

Do you have any questions that are not listed? Please send them here.

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